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Illyampi Victor Burton

Martumili Artists / Spinifex Hill Studio

I was bush born, creek area. Far south of [Canning Stock Route] Well 33. Somewhere in the middle, long way from Jigalong. We been walking to Balgo with my cousin brothers and brother. Left mummy behind. From there we been walking back to desert, back home to my grandfather’s country. We walking south to Newberry, all the way to Uluru. East west, walking, yeah yeah, all the family, carrying a water. No house.

When we were taken from the bush to Jigalong, I was about eight years old, but we walked back to Jigalong. Government took us to Port Hedland [but] we walk back to Jigalong. It was winter time, with my four friends, Strelley mob. We stopped at the waterhole there, the soak. We been staying in Jigalong for long time. I went to school there. After Jigalong we came to town [Port Hedland]. We came through Marble Bar, where I have been given clothes to wear the first time. I was about 18 or 19 years old. Maybe [19]71. We came here to town, to pick up some more people to go back home, Punmu.

Language: Manyjilyjarra

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