Beryl Ponce

Beryl Ponce

Spinifex Hill Studio

I grew up in Strelley on the station with both my parents: mum, dad, my nana, my grandpop was there too, my grandmother’s husband. That was her third husband. I had my sister, she was older than me. My sister was living there with my brother-in-law, and with their kids. I grew up there and I start to school under the bough shed.

After school I got my first job. I worked in the office, and I was running the shop. Then I come to be a teacher: English, language, maths, all sorts. Then I went to Darwin to keep doing my training. Two week out in Darwin doing my course, two week out. I got qualified then, got my certificate. I taught at communities for fifteen years: Callawa, Lalla Rookh, Warralong, Camel Camp, and Woodstock. I moved to Port Hedland in 2003.

It’s good to be out here painting, to sit with the people and make friends and be happy. Painting is like telling stories. Painting about history, life, talking about myself and my parents and the past. What they taught me: bush tucker and bush medicines. I want to make a story for the young ones.

Language: Nyangumarta

Exhibited Artworks