The Pilbara

“It’s the footstep that is passed down from history. As the Pilbara, we are all doing that. It’s a journey, that road, all as one. Cause that yiwarra [track] is for you and me,”

– Heather Samson, Member of the Tracks We Share Cultural Advisory Committee, Martumili Artists

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The Pilbara is an enigmatic place, one that defies definition and categorisation. It is a place of complex and diverse ecological, economic and social systems. There are deep and ancient rhythms alongside the dizzying staccato of technological and economic progress. The area known as the Pilbara has been a place of cultural intensity for thousands of years.

The Aboriginal communities that navigate these geographic and cultural landscapes traverse the complexities of environment through cultural networks that have been passed down through generations. Several of these communities have come together to generously share their experiences, artistic expressions, and profound cultural knowledge in the Tracks We Share project and exhibition.

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