Cyril Whyoulter

Cyril Whyoulter

Martumili Artists

My mum’s father came from Kirriwirri in the North. I can paint that way too. I like painting, it’s a good way to learn from old people, keep the stories going. My closest family is the Taylor mob; they help me too.

Cyril’s parents’ Country is Jartuti. He is the grandson of senior artists Bugai Whyoulter and Pinyirr Nancy Patterson (dec.). Cyril grew up in Parnngurr and Punmu communities. He now lives with his wife and children between Perth and Newman.

Cyril first developed an interest in art making when he began colouring in with pencil with his grandfather Larry Patterson. An avid experimentalist and prolific painter, he has since mastered many painting techniques and developed his own signature style in which the influence of his grandmother Bugai is evident. Cyril is respected as a learned cultural leader, and is a strong proponent of the importance of intergenerational knowledge transfer.

Language: Kartujarra

Exhibited Artworks