Harry Mills

Harry Mills

Juluwarlu Art Group

I am an old man. 79 last year. Soon 80. The yurra is the Sun. We call it Yurra. I make my art to say what I want to say. Yurra is coming every day. It gives us light. It warms the plants and flowers that I grow. I was taken away as a boy. To Carnarvon mission. Then I worked on stations a lot. I think about that. There was this out-camp I knew at Hooley Station. Worked there. Sheep. Windmill. Fencing. Probably I won’t see it again. I make my art to say what I want to say. The Yindjibarndi shield we have has these carved zigzag marks. We always have this shield since a long time ago. Only Yindjibarndi have this shield. I want to say that these are the things Yindjibarndi men make for fighting and killing animals in the old days. Now just for ceremony like Law and singing and dancing. Like our plants and animals and ngurra, we have to keep our culture going for the young people.

Harry is a Yindjibarndi Elder and cultural custodian with deep and abiding connections with his ngurra [Country] and culture. He creates Yarranga Marni.

Language: Yindjibarndi

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