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Lorraine Coppin

Juluwarlu Art Group

Lorraine Coppin is an artist, filmmaker, archivist, and recorder of cultural history and knowledge. Lorraine and her partner Michael conceived and developed Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation and its archive, language, and cultural centre in 2000. Over the past 20 years, Lorraine has established and coordinated Juluwarlu projects which include cultural mapping on Country and women’s culture and language on Country, and has developed the nationally-recognised Yindjibarndi archive.

In 2017, together with senior Yindjibarndi artists and language workers, Lorraine conceived and developed the Nyinyart Yinda Water Arts, Language and Cultural Future Project, and established Juluwarlu Art Group, including its guest artist residency program, field trips, and camps. This has resulted in intergenerational creative arts experiences and new skills development for more than 30 senior and emerging artists and children. In her own practice, Lorraine paints on canvas and creates Yarranga Marni.

Language: Yindjibarndi

Exhibited Artworks