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Marianne Burton

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I was born in Jigalong, long time Jigalong. They [the old people] all got picked up and bought into Jigalong. Them old people all wanted to go back to the desert. We moved to [Camp] 61 for a little while and then we all moved this way to Punmu. I was young, 13 or something when I came to Punmu.

I like to paint around Punmu rockholes, springs. In the morning, sunset colours that’s what I’m thinking about.

Marianne was born in Jigalong, moving briefly to Camp 61, an outstation on Bilanooka Station as a child, before settling in Punmu Community (where she still resides) in her early teens. Her father is senior Martu artist Pukina Burton. She and her father sit down together to paint and Pukina tells stories about his Country. Marianne says: I’ve been in Jigalong with my father learning to paint. I was watching him paint. I stay with them all day, sometimes I help him and he tells stories. Doing the dot paint, that’s when I learn on a little canvas.

Language: Manyjilyjarra

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