SpinifexHill Artist Mulyatingki

Mulyatingki Marney

Martumili Artists / Spinifex Hill Studio

Mulyatingki was born in the early 1940s at Nyinyiri, a small soak yulparirra [south] of Juntujuntu (Canning Stock Route Well 30). She is the middle sister of senior Martumili artists Nyanjilpayi (Ngarnjapayi) Nancy Chapman and Maywokka (Mayiwalku) Chapman. Her family’s Country extends across the Punmu, Pangkapirni (Bungabindi Well), Kunawarritji (Well 33) and Karlamilyi (Rudall River) regions. Mulyatingki grew up in Karlamilyi, but following the death of her parents, she and her sisters travelled alone in the desert between Punmu and Kunawarritji, occasionally meeting and travelling with other family groups. In 1966 Mulyatingki and her sisters decided to walk to Balfour Downs, where they were collected by Jigalong Mission staff. Today Mulyatingki lives between Punmu and Port Hedland.

Mulyatingki’s artworks depict her ngurra [home Country, camp]; the Country she walked as a young woman, its animals, plants, waterholes and associated Jukurrpa [Dreaming] narratives. Her work has been exhibited widely across Australia and internationally, and has been acquired by the National Museum of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, as well as being part of the Royal Collection, owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

Language: Manyjilyjarra

Exhibited Artworks