Nancy Patterson

Pinyirr Nancy Patterson (dec.)

Martumili Artists

Pinyirr Nancy Patterson (1939-2012) was a Kartujarra woman born at Jartuti, a soak and claypan southeast of Martilirri (Canning Stock Route Well 22). She was the younger sister of highly regarded artist, Bugai Whyoulter. Together they grew up with their parents and extended family, primarily travelling around the eastern side of the Karlamilyi (Rudall River) region and along the midsection of the Canning Stock Route, from Kartarru (Well 24) to Kunawarritji (Well 33).

In 1963 Pinyirr’s family and travelling companions encountered the surveyor Len Beadell, who was then grading roads for the Woomera Missile Testing Range. Shortly afterwards the group decided to move to Jigalong Mission. She attended school at the Mission and met her husband there, with whom she later had two daughters and two sons. Together Pinyirr and Bugai raised their children as part of a large, close-knit family unit.

In later life Pinyirr lived at both Kunawarritji and Punmu Aboriginal communities with Bugai and her only surviving child, Betty Whyoulter. Pinyirr often worked privately, distancing herself physically from other artists as they painted. Her approach to creating was fierce, energised and without hesitation. Painting her Country made her pukurlpa [happy, good inside].

Language: Kartujarra

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