Wayne Stevens

Wayne Stevens

Juluwarlu Art Group

Windawarri Guruma ngarndu babuyah, Yindjibarndi ngurra ngarndu ngarnga. I am Guruma on my father’s side and Yindjibarndi on my mother’s side.

Wayne is a birlagurda [craftsman] of artefacts. He grew up surrounded by strong birlagurda and cultural people, including his father. Wayne watched and learned as a kid, through the tribes of the Guruma, Yindjibarndi and Yinhawangka nations. Wayne has been carving since he went through traditional cultural ceremony and Law.

Wayne upholds and respects strong cultural protocols and is passionate about keeping it alive and sustainable for the next generation. Through his artefact craftmanship, Wayne celebrates the strong ongoing connection to ngurra [Country]. Wayne’s carving keeps him close to his old people, past and present, keeping him true to who he is, the roles and responsibilities to his ngurra, songs, and stories, and his obligations to continue with his artefact making as taught to him by his Babu [father].

Language: Guruma / Yindjibarndi

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