Amy French Photography by Tobias Titz

Wurta Amy French

Martumili Artists

Wurta is a Warnman woman and custodian of the Karlamilyi (Rudall River) region. She was born in the late 1930s at Wantili (Warntili, Canning Stock Route Well 25), and is the eldest sister of fellow Martumili artist Jatarr Lily Long. Before Jatarr was born, Wurta lived in the Karlamilyi region with her parents. Following Jatarr’s birth the two sisters grew up together further east, in the area surrounding Tiwa (Well 26), east of Parnngurr, and just west of a culturally significant group of hills called Partujarrapirri.

In Jigalong, Wurta and Jatarr transitioned to a life as stockwomen: In Jigalong people, kids and all used to work there, mustering in station for ration. I stopped in dormitory … with my two sister [Wurta Amy French]. From Jigalong Wurta worked on Bonney Downs Station and several stations around Meekatharra before moving to Irrungadji, Nullagine, where she continues to live with her sister Jatarr, her children and her grandchildren.

Wurta and Jatarr paint individually and also collaboratively, primarily depicting their ngurra in Karlamilyi, and its animals, plants, waterholes and associated Jukurrpa [Dreaming] stories.

Photograph by Tobias Titz.

Language: Warnman

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