Tracks We Share: Contemporary Art of the Pilbara

Artwork by Robina Clause at Martumili Artists,
The Art Gallery of Western Australia
11 March - 28 August 2022
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“It’s the footstep that is passed down from history. As the Pilbara, we are all doing that. It’s a journey, that road, all as one. Cause that yiwarra [track] is for you and me.”

- Heather Samson, Tracks We Share Cultural Advisory Committee, Martumili Artists

Tracks We Share celebrates the Aboriginal artists and art centres of the Pilbara, an ancient and beautiful region spanning over 500,000 square kilometres of Australia’s North West.

This landmark exhibition brings together more than 70 artists and over 200 artworks across four gallery spaces. The extraordinary body of work features the most exciting contemporary art and creative practice coming out of the region while paying homage to the legacy that has informed it, offering a rare and broad-reaching insight into the region’s artistic output over the years.

The core of the exhibition is a spectacular selection of the stunning acrylic paintings for which the region’s art movement is primarily known, accompanied by works on paper, installations, film, animation, photographs, sculptures, and carvings. Together, they highlight the immense artistic diversity that exists within the Pilbara, spanning a gamut of styles while referencing ancient knowledge and modern events.

Tracks We Share: Contemporary Art of the Pilbara is a collaboration between FORM, The Art Gallery of Western Australia; Aboriginal art centres Cheeditha Art Group, Juluwarlu Art Group, Martumili Artists, Spinifex Hill Studio and Yinjaa-Barni Art; and independent artists Katie West, Jill Churnside and Curtis Taylor.

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The Art Gallery of Western Australia
11 March - 28 August 2022